HiTechGate is a Scam!

Kalamazoo, Michigan 1 comment
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I purchased AutoCAD 2010 from this company in October.The website seemed very professional even though it didn't appear to be secure.

Instead of using my credit card (due to lack of security) I opted to pay by check. After completing my order I received an email with the address to send my check to. My check was cashed and I did not receive any product. I emailed them various times and never heard from them.

Their website says you can email them, talk to them via Skype and chat using MSN and Yahoo. They are never available.

I have been scammed.Next time I will make sure the company has a phone number and I will also CALL IT before ordering.

Review about: Autocad 2010.



I purchased autcad 2010 from them and recieved it - but no codes for activating it.It was useless after the 30 day trial was up and I emailed them a couple times for help and they replied once a very short reply.

The second time, they never replied.

Live and learn.Keep away from this company.

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